Pond filters


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  • effectively removes leaves and other debris from the pond surface
  • can be used in a garden pond of any size
  • easy to install and operate
  • compatible with the AQUAJET PFN pumps (suggested pump models: PFN 3500 or 5500)


A surface filter for garden ponds designed for removing leaves and other floating debris from the water surface. It is a bell-shaped device with a rotating flange. The filter operates submerged in water. To install the filter, simply use a hose to connect it to the inlet nozzle of a fountain pump. When the pump is started, water is sucked into the filter basket setting the filter flange in a vortex motion. As a result, all the debris floating on the water surface get inside the filter. Maintenance consists in the regular removal of debris accumulated in the filter basket.


Product Recommended pond
volume [m3]
Recommended PFN pump Product Code EAN
POND SKIMMER <30 3500, 5500 109481 5905546133838

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