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  • the ergonomic handle makes cleaning easier
  • very strong magnets
  • high efficiency
  • available in three sizes


The surfaces of the MAGNETIC CLEANER that come in direct contact with the tank walls are covered with a special coating. Although the coating is rough to the touch, it does not scratch or otherwise damage the tank walls. Thanks to the coating, the cleaner perfectly removes even persistent green and red algae as well as plaque and stains that may appear on the outer side of the wall. Cleaning is facilitated by a wide ergonomic handle.

AQUAEL recommends the use of magnetic cleaners in all aquariums. By eliminating the need for direct contact between human hands and the aquarium water, these devices provide the safest possible solution for cleaning the tank walls, since human skin can carry pathogenic bacteria and other micro-organisms that might be dangerous for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

The MAGNETIC CLEANER consists of two independent parts held together by strong magnets. Simply put one part of the cleaner into the tank and attach the other part onto the outer surface of the tank wall so that it faces the first part. Now, whenever the outer part of the device is moved, the part that is immersed into the tank will move, too. In this way, you can remove algae from the tank wall without having to immerse your hands into the water.

The new MAGNETIC CLEANERS are available in three sizes: S, M, and L, which are intended for the cleaning of tank walls that are up to 6, 10, and 15 mm thick, correspondingly.


MAGNETIC CLEANERWall thickness [mm]Product codeEAN
S <6 114889 5905547008449
M 6-10 114890 5905547008456
L 10-15 114891 5905547008463



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